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About Cocomama

Mamas on a Mission

We are passionate about sourcing ingredients. All of our cocoa comes from a Fair Trade™ cooperative in the Dominican Republic, where we’ve traced our cocoa from crop to kitchen.

Our Vanilla bean is from Madagascar, and our Korintje cinnamon is from Indonesia. Why? Well, we think it’s a difference you can taste. That, and we’re trying our very best to create new standards for the food industry. Global supply chains are notorious for being secretive and untraceable: honey that’s cut with sugar syrup, cotton that’s harvested under brutal labor practices, and chickens caged for the entirety of their lives.

Our vision is to use our ooey-gooey-oh-gosh-I-ate-the-whole tray treats to reverse these kinds of practices, and for Cocomama to serve as a platform for inclusiveness, diversity, and shared prosperity for everyone.

Taste The Difference

Taking the Plunge

From our founder, Diana Lovett

My love of dessert and sustainable development inspired me to start this business. I studied abroad during my junior year of college in South Africa. As part of my studies, I was placed at the Durban Children’s Home to work with vulnerable street kids, many of whom were HIV positive. Shocked and horrified at their deteriorating health, I pledged to dedicate my life to sustainable development.

After I graduated from college and finished my master's degree, I moved to Brooklyn to work for Keep a Child Alive, an organization donating life-saving drugs to children and families with AIDS. I fell in love with this kind of mission-driven work, and decided that my next move would combine connecting private business with a positive impact, in a way that was both scalable and sustainable. On a trip to visit one of my dearest friends in Ghana, I visited my first cocoa cooperative. I was struck by the living and working conditions of the people who grow one of the most universal and loved products—chocolate.

With a big gulp and a leap of faith, I launched my business in 2012, determined to be a part of change for small farmers globally. Along the way I’ve met wonderful advisers, mentors, and team members who’ve helped me grow this idea from bean to business. But this is just the beginning. We have dreams of seeing our products on shelf in every local grocery store—knowing that each purchase is a step towards a better food system for everyone.